Community Integration Program

 Community Integration Program (CIP) was established in October 1989. CIP focuses on supporting Sacramento clients in their effort to maximize community access and inclusion through a full schedule of activities and field trips inside and outside Sacramento County. The driving goal of the program is to empower its participants to live their lives to the fullest.

Self-advocacy is emphasized by skills training, community living, physical mobility, independent living skills, communication, volunteerism, and vocational skills. Activities enable clients to live actively integrated into the community through social events and volunteerism. Community activities include visits to museums, bowling alleys, and nature centers. Classes include music, cooking, exercise, art, writing, computers, personal finance, safety awareness, and basic self-care.

CIP provides a variety of service options designed from the consumer’s perspective as expressed in the Person Centered Planning (PCP) process. Support and training is provided to meet goals and objectives that are documented in each consumer’s Individual Service Plan (ISP). The program provides training to consumers in the acquisition, generalization, and maintenance of the skills they choose to pursue for their preferred goals.


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