How to Apply for Services

 DDSO primarily provides services to people with developmental disabilities who are eligible for Regional Center services, through the California State Department of Developmental Services. People are referred to DDSO programs by Regional Center Service Coordinators, schools, and other human service agencies.

Persons who are at least 18 years of age and current Regional Center clients can tour the program(s) of their choice. The Program Director will acquaint the person and his or her advocate with the programs services. If the person wants to attend a DDSO program, he or she will submit an application for services.


Contact your Service Coordinator/Case Manager and let them know your interest in touring a DDSO program.

Either you, your family or your Service Coordinator will contact us to set up a tour. It’s a good idea to take the tour with your family, careprovider or ILS coach.

After your tour let your Service coordinator know you are interested in attending and they will assist you in scheduling a formal intake and assessment meeting. The Program Director reviews the application and determines whether the program services match your interests and needs. If a service match is determined, an intake meeting is scheduled to evaluate in more detail.

Once accepted into the program, we use first 30 days to get to know you and we’ll review your needs and interests at that time. This trial period also gives you a chance to get to know the staff and other program participants and see if the program is a good match for your needs and interests.

Visit the Programs Page to get contact information and learn more about each of our sites and programs.

Thank you for your interest in the Developmental Disabilities Service Organization.