DDSO focuses on the possibilities of what an individual with developmental disabilities can do when given the necessary support. We fight cruelty, isolation and neglect by providing safe and stimulating environments that build confidence, skills and social connection. Four primary strategies of support are used to help participants reach their goals throughout eight programs and four special projects.

Visual & Performing Arts

Painting, music, dance, theatre, literature, poetry, gallery exhibitions and digital media are used as vehicles to help participants create, develop and express themselves.  

Daily Living Skills

A patient, caring atmosphere is provided to participants, many with severe and profound developmental disabilities, so they can best develop basic personal and communication skills. Adult Development Centers offer programs and classes about personal finance, household skills, decision making, computer science, language, and self-care. 


Paid employment training opportunities and classroom instruction are offered to participants who learn valuable job skills, including how to interview, maintain employment, contribute meaningfully, and communicate with supervisors and peers. Clients referred by the federal employment outreach program, Ticket to Work, are also served.


Inclusion in the community is a strategy widely used throughout all programs at DDSO. Volunteer projects, visits to museums, restaurants, concerts, sporting events, bowling alleys, theaters, and nature centers are some of the opportunities available for people to engage with one another, regardless of ability. 


With the generous support of community members and funders, the Developmental Disabilities Service Organization is proud to deliver the following results this year:

Years of Service
Volunteer Hours
Clients Served
Artworks Created