Including DDSO in your Estate or Legacy Plan will ensure a bright future!

NoboundryImageDDSO focuses on the possibilities. Alongside our community partners, we fight cruelty, isolation and neglect by providing safe and stimulating environments that build confidence, creativity, skills and social connection.

Do you wish to leave a legacy that ensures a world where people with disabilities have healthy and enriched lives? Where they are nurtured by caring, supportive communities that minimize and eliminate barriers?

Add DDSO To Your Estate Plan

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With your vital support, we can ensure our vision of a world where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live healthier and enriched lives, and are nurtured by caring and supportive communities that minimize and eliminate barriers. By including DDSO in your legacy or estate plan, you will ensure that these integral members of our society continue to get the support, education, and compassion they depend on.

Brian Hillebert (pictured above) has been a dedicated actor with DDSO’s Short Center Repertory since 1975. During that time he has appeared in every play we produced, both comedies and dramas. His skills, honed by the training and performance experience he received through the program, have also landed him major parts in three community theatre productions. He proudly introduces himself as an “actor extraordinaire.” Given his dedication, courage and moving performances over 30 years, he has fully earned the title. Brian is a survivor of childhood brain trauma, with brain and motor damage who uses a power wheelchair in daily life, although he often performs on his feet, “sacrificing comfort for his art”, as he puts it. Without DDSO, Sacramento theatre audiences might’ve never been introduced to the outstanding contributions he and other adults with disabilities make to the cultural life of our community

For information about leaving a legacy gift, bequest or planned contribution to DDSO, please contact us at (916) 456-5166 or Download a commitment form here.