Bob Sulin

About the Artist: Bob came to DDSO’s Short Center North in the early 1990’s and since then he has shown his art at The Crocker Art Museum, The University of Long Beach, and many galleries and other venues. He has an uncanny ability to memorize certain things- such as any song before 1969 and the names of all the dead presidents and their famous quotes. He is an everyman – a mild mannered fellow quick with a handshake and a hello. Bob instills a sense of humor in his artwork through the linear simplification of his subjects: he is the funniest guy in the room but doesn’t know it; these artworks are created from sheer observation and without apparent emotional investment. Like the ancient Greeks he has discovered his own Golden Ratio, dissolving images into geometric formulas which result in the simplest base shapes and in the process delighting us with the results.

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