James Geddings

James Geddings is an artist at DDSO’s Alan Short Center in Stockton, CA. He was born May 28, 1957 at 1:06 am and grew up in French Camp, California, where he helped raise animals and grew vegetables on his family’s farm. In the 7th grade, while he was attending French Camp School, he started participating in Art and Ceramic classes. That is when he realized that he loved to draw and make things with his hands. He continued taking Art and Ceramic classes in high school in Manteca, as well as Wood Shop. James got married shortly after, giving up his love of the arts for every day life. He worked at McDonald’s for 16 years. In 2005, James started attending ASC and got back to creating his unique style of ceramics. James has the ability to look at a picture and draw it but he injects his own personality, creating a completely different look. He has always had a passion for working with his hands and not only applies it to his art, but to janitorial training at the Alan Short Center program.

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