Jon Espegren

About the Artist: Jon Espegren (b 1961) has attended DDSO’s Short Center North since 1986. Jon works primarily from photos and images. Images of Elvis, Superman and from Art History are taken from donated books kept in the studio. He also works from observation, usually depicting architectural scenes from around campus with a skewed perspective. He paints with such authority that just the spatial juxtapositions alone, viewed as an abstract work, are enough to captivate the viewer. Either by accident or design his color sense is rich. Jon likes to mix his own colors and will sometimes paint over a finished work. Text also has a place in his work, unintentional wordings make the paintings all the more enjoyable. His use of pattern is also prevalent, growing and becoming more intricate as he matures as an artist. His inventive employ of pattern as background and as border, uses the entire space of the canvas and leaves no space unadorned.

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