William Haddad

About the Artist: William started the Short Center North in 1986, and took to painting immediately, becoming one of DDSO’s most prolific painters. William’s paintings are bold and direct, like the man himself. To watch him in action is to watch a master at work; there is purpose in every stroke. Both his painting and ceramic work have a flowing feeling, and colors and marks appear to be random, but when watching him work you see that he considers every mark. Recognizable representations of houses, flowers, trees, birds and fish inhabit the artwork; sometimes a figure is present. Snippets of Arabic writing, mathematical equations, currency, and architectural elements combine and collide in fascinating combinations. Perspective is absent for the most part, and there is no upside down or right side up. Some paintings look like an aerial view or a map of an exotic land. His color sense is unbridled and based on whatever is handy. Layers upon layers can be built up quickly -he is not the type to wait for the paint to dry. William has quite an impressive resume that matches his talent. He has shown extensively at local galleries, and also at The State Capitol and The Crocker Art Museum. He has shown nationally at prestigious venues such as The Outsider Art fair in New York City, MIA Gallery in Seattle, and The American Visionary Museum in Baltimore MD. His work is also included in The National Archives in Washington DC.

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