Dennis Curry

 Dennis began working in this field back in 1976 and previously worked at DDSO at the original Short Center, as well as the Alan Short Center and DDSO Administrative Office. After working in the private sector Dennis returned to DDSO in 2009 to become the Program Director for DDSO-Employment Plus.

E+ makes a difference in the lives of the people who attend our program by offering them hope; hope in succeeding, hope in becoming a more valued member of our society through work. We think outside of “The Box” by offering non-traditional employment training opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities in such areas as Video and Audio Production. Our students are learning how to become an Audio Engineer or a Film Editor, Screenwriter, Producer, Camera Operator, and so much more. We teach The Basics, but will always strive to go far beyond standard employment training.

“I continue to stay at E+ because, although we have achieved great positive strides, there is always so much more we can and WILL do to make a true difference in the lives of those we serve.”