Sheila Abrams

Sheila Abrams wearing a flowered blouse and smiling

Originally from Kansas, Sheila attended college in California and is a Certified Medical Assistant and American Sign Language interpreter. She has previously worked as a Transition Coordinator, where she supported students with disabilities by teaching them health, community, and independent living skills, and created programs for Social Development. Sheila believes the most important rights clients have is the right to live their lives in the manner they wish to, and strives to achieve an environment of mutual respect, growth, and support.

“I knew early on I wanted to spend my life helping and supporting adolescents and adults from diverse backgrounds and ones with social/emotional and physical disabilities. I realized that such a path […] would make me rich in Joy! Joy for being able to truly help someone, joy at seeing others make a change because of my support, joy at having ones come to me years later and tell me that I’ve helped them change their lives.”