Our Team

Yvonne Soto

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Yvonne began her connection with DDSO when she came to Stockton to complete a six-month Music Therapy Internship at the Alan Short Center (ASC) in Stockton. After a brief stint at Deputy Director for DDSO, Yvonne assumed the role of CEO in 2007.

Jennifer Bonacorso

Jennifer has worked at DDSO since 2005 managing the day to day operations of the company. Before moving into the Operations position Jennifer had the fortunate experience to work in the field with DDSO’s clients as a staff member for the Community Integration Program.

Trish Williams

Trish was born and raised in San Francisco, CA but left the city for better weather in Sacramento valley. Trish then joined the DDSO team as a Bookkeeper in 2001. Trish loves pets, especially Loki, the dog that came to her door looking for a new home earlier this year!

Sheila Abrams wearing a flowered blouse and smiling

Sheila Abrams

Originally from Kansas, Sheila attended college in California and is a Certified Medical Assistant and American Sign Language interpreter. Sheila believes the most important rights clients have is the right to live their lives in the manner they wish to, and strives to achieve an environment of mutual respect, growth,

Margarita Garcia

Magi started working with DDSO in 1996 as a Secretary through a temp agency. Magi loves being at ASC for many reasons; but especially because clients motivate her to find ways to serve them better.

Dennis Curry

Dennis began working in this field back in 1976. He previously worked at DDSO at Short Center, Alan Short Center and Administrative Office. He thinks outside of “The Box” by offering non-traditional employment training opportunities in such areas as Video and Audio Production.

John Berger

John started working with DDSO in November of 2000 when he was recruited as an art facilitator by current staff. He has been a practicing artist in the Sacramento community for about 10+ years. He also helped revive the greenhouse and a vegetable garden.

Steve Andrews

Steve was born and raised in the New York City Area and moved with his wife to Sacramento in the early 80s. Steve has a Master's Degree in Psychology and has worked as an Administrator within Intermediate Care Facilities as well as Residential Care Facilities.

James Anderson

James C. Anderson is an Ellie Award winning actor and director and in 1988 he founded The Short Center Repertory. He has served as Artistic Director since and The Short Center Repertory has received grants from The National Endowment for the Arts.

Stacey Hilton

Stacey joined DDSO in 2014, eager to assist the team and support DDSO’s vision, mission and values and manages Capitol Books and Gifts, the California State Capitol Museum gift shop.

Ayo Jacobs

Ayo, born and raised in the city of San Francisco, is a Bay Area native. Her customer service and office assistance experience spans over 20 years in retail and the private sector.  She joined DDSO in November 2017 as an Administrative Secretary.

Board Members 2018-2019

  • Patti Wirz – Chair
  • Diane Schmidt
  • Christina Bellon
  • Jennifer Kaye – Secretary

    Foundation Board Members 2018-2019

    • Mike Madrid – President
    • Jonathan Greenberg – Secretary
    • Patti Wirz – Trustee
    • Jennifer Kaye – Trustee
    • Don Wilcox – Trustee
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