Formerly Shy Client Now Communicates Her Wants & Needs

Ge suffered a fever right after birth which caused developmental and physical impairments, including hearing loss. She is unable to speak and was very shy when she started attending Alan Short Center (ASC). Staff helped her overcome her shyness by treating her with care and respect and has helped her learn how to communicate her wants and needs. ASC staff is teaching her basic American Sign Language. Ge has made close friends while at ASC and they have learned sign language to communicate with her. At her home in Stockton where she lives with her family, her relatives find it very difficult to understand her. They try to communicate with her using their own version of sign language, to which she responds by hitting and throwing tantrums. Ge would be secluded at home, unable to communicate with her relatives and wouldn’t have access to being with her friends, if she couldn’t attend ASC.

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