Industrious Hard Worker Overcomes Challenges

Penny is a warm and friendly woman who loves her family, especially her mom and nephew, Jacob. She enjoys helping other people. At ADC she is industrious and likes to work in the Pilot Project where she packages propellers for model airplanes. Though cerebral palsy has paralyzed one arm, she deftly maneuvers her other arm to package the airplane parts. She likes to be productive and takes her job seriously. She loves to work, but especially likes to work with “Big Elba,” the ADC staff who supervises the work project employing ADC and SCS clients.

Penny was a client in the Short Center South program for many years, but as she got older and more physically fragile, she transferred into ADC in 2004. At ADC she was able to receive more staff attention because of the higher staff to client ratio. With the more concentrated staff attention, she began talking more and was having fewer behavioral issues at home. ADC staff could get Penny to do things that her mother was unable to get her to do. Her mother says that ADC helped Penny become more responsible and more respectful of people, and helped teach her good manners.

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