DDSO and Disability Rights Advocates Keep Fighting For Fair Rates

Inspired by the song by Bob Marley, “Get Up Stand Up”, DDSO is getting the message out – Programs in California providing important services to people with developmental disabilities are again in jeopardy of closing. DDSO and others offer vital programs that help people fight isolation and neglect by creating environments that are safe, creative and nurturing of social relationships. Governor Jerry Brown has approved a budget yet again with no reasonable adjustment in rates for these programs.

Advocates have been pushing for legislative acknowledgment of the crumbling reality of disability support systems through rallies and protests at the Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA. Capital Public Radio and the Sacramento Bee reported on the June 17th rally, where clients in wheelchairs were denied access to restrooms and other public spaces. Read more here: and here:

There have been no increases in rates paid by the state to community programs and homes since 2006, even as cost of living, employment, health insurance and real estate costs have tripled in some cases. A special session committee has been called to attempt a modest rate increase and we are hopeful!

“500 Group homes have closed since 2011. We need to do something quickly in the special session to get some increase because at this point many of these group homes just can’t afford to continue to operate,” Senator Jim Beall says.

Learn more about the Lanterman Act and the promises made by the state of California to residents with disabilities.

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